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Loving Embrace Community Outreach,  September 10, 2010
A V Auto Clinic, Apple Valley, CA
Rock Riders for Christ
Pastor DJ
Rainshadow Native America
Rainshadow Native America
Studio JC
Deacon Lamar Anderson
Pastor DJ
Elvis and Pastor Ken
Pastor DJ, Elvis and Natalie
sock-hop winners
Jessica Wright
TAG band members
Studio JC
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Loving Embrace Sock-Hop,  July 10, 2010
Angels Roadhouse, Apple Valley, CA
The big guy John, of A-V Auto Clinic, asked Pastor DJ and Pastor Ken to come back and host a second annual
festival.  And what a Holy Ghost daytime party we had.  Between John's brilliant planning and our efforts, we had the
most awesome fall festival one could ask for.  A serious rotation of street cars, drag cars, sandrails, Harley's, and
other custom bikes and contests all day long.  And praise God, this time without complaints about taking over the
neighborhood and the expected hot rod and Harley noise.  The Spirit of God set forth one great day to remember.  
We look forward to the third annual fall fest.  

As you can see below, the Lord blessed us and the people with vendors and ministries of all sorts, and some
delicious backyard bbq, as well as free hot dogs and drinks (compliments of big John) all day long.  
The weather was perfect, about 88 high desert style temperature, and extremely bright due to the perfectly clear
day.  Pastor DJ was setting the mood music for the prayer moments, raffles and intermissions in between three
awesome bands.  Pastor Larry Brown's band along with Rainshadow Native America brought in the Holy Spirit to
the property in an unfamiliar way that was so phenomenal.  The native american style and chanting became so
infectious it had people chanting and singing in agreement with them, getting filled with the Spirit by a style of
music most have never heard before or even believed the Spirit of Jesus could move in that way.  What a
blessing it is for God to reveal himself so limitless.  Just when you've thought you knew God, he reminds us how
awesome he is to keep us in check.             

Pastor Randy with the Studio JC band kicked the afternoon off with the second wave of the Holy Spirit with a
mixture of good clean old time rock and roll.  The combination of the set they brought to the afternoon fit right in
sync with the hot rod and Harley show and contest.  The kind of music that soothed the soul.       

Speaking of soul, SoulKry just flat out rocked the house, we were so blessed and honored to have them take the
time out of their busy schedules to bless us so soon after just getting back from recording their new CD back
east. Their style of rock music and ballads is on the cutting edge of clean, yet still hard core.  The combination of
the band's heavy sound with Jennifer's powerful silky voice just melts you in the Spirit with such great uplifting
Spirit filled lyrics.  It's so amazing how the Spirit of God moves through people in all his various ways to emanate
himself limitless.  I'm sure with the right promotion and exposure they will go far.  I pray in Jesus' Name.

Deacon Lamar Anderson brought to the evening the most powerful soulful gospel blues that one could ever
imagine, crying his heart out to the Lord with soul moving praises.  What a style he has, heartmoving, gut
wrenching, blood of Jesus pleading, soulful back-in-the-day old school blues.  Powerful, powerful, powerful.  What
a blessing it was to feel the presence of God in such a way!!!
Judging the contest was so difficult to do.  With three other car shows going on the same day, the car you may
have picked may have taken off, went to another car show and tried to come back in time for the award giving
ceremony.  Multiple bike clubs showing up and you pick out one of their bikes to judge, then you find out they
are not even in the contest, just there to be cool and look cool and to bless us with the presence of their
awesome machines.  With such limited space in the parking lot, we had to park bikes and cars all day long like a
revolving door.  And at the end of the day, judge from who was left, who would win, as you can see below.  
We praise God for such an awesome turnout of wonderful people and phenomenal hot rods, drag cars, sand
rails, roadsters, late model custom cars, bike clubs and ministries, wonderful vendors and a blessed and
beautiful, wonderful day.  We apologize (Loving Embrace Community Outreach),  to all the people who
brought their cars and bikes and we didn't have enough parking for.  And a special thanks to big John and
A-V Auto Clinic for being such a blessing to us all and allowing us to host such a phenomenal show.  We look
forward to the third annual fest next fall.  Hallelujah !!!
A Red-Hot, Sock-Hop Revival at Angels Roadhouse
was a house-packer that blessed the community and their business.
What controversy and judgemental attitudes that came from many pastors as well as fellow Christians, brothers
and sisters in Christ, when we told people and advertised that we were going to have a sock-hop revival
drinking hours
at a bar !!!  Well, I have a few things to say about that.  The 1st  blessing is: they invited us,  
knowing we are a ministry! The 2nd blessing is scripture says "a physician is not needed where people are
Which Jesus said to those who condemned him for being a blessing in the same way we were.  And 3rd:  
Even the King of Kings showed up to see the King, at a bar during drinking hours.   People seem to
limit God when it comes to seeking first the kingdom of God.  They pick and choose what they will do for God
and what they won't, yet when they haven't got many prayers answered or all hasn't been added, they wonder
why.  Wisdom has taught Pastor Ken and I that Jesus has no boundaries, so neither can we.  Chief Priests and
Scribes (
"Sand-heathens") mocked Jesus because he was seeking first the kingdom of his Father, not the
approval of man.  I must say

Many people forget who made Elvis awesome and great, and why.  It's because he was a Christian first and if
you followed his music you would know many of his songs were gospel and without conditions in the lyrics.  He
didn't hesitate to glorify God.  He was an awesome giver and not much of a taker and loved to bless people.  As
highly famous as he was, he was fairly humble and knew whom to give glory to, so God exalted him.  God used
him as an icon from a gospel background to slip kingdom knowledge into the world.  Some got it, some didn't.  
Well, Reverend David E. Presley (Las Vegas' most famous Elvis impersonator) got it and is carrying on the
blessing of God's work.  Some get it, some don't.  Meanwhile, he
rocked the Angels Roadhouse along with the
Duke and the girls,  performing a great combination of Elvis' spiritual hits and all.  The red lights glowing, the
sock-hop dancing, the fun filled and Spirit filled night that even kids enjoyed, because all were invited during
dinner hours.  Even throughout the technical difficulties with the worn-out master volume knob shorting in and
out, causing feedback, we managed to have an awesome night.  (That slider knob drove me crazy, just when
you think you got the volume set, it would short out and jump to full or below listening levels.)  What a fight, but
the victory was won.  The seed planting from the gospel songs and Pastor Kenny C. preaching in between was
a blessing to all those who knew Christ and fell away, and to all those who did not know Christ and found him.  
After we were all blessed by the soul repairing music of Rick Raymond, Pastor DJ's 6 year old daughter Jessica
Wright opened up for Elvis, blessing us with her spirit filled song (while chewing gum)  "Worthy to be Praised".  
It's amazing how God used the youth to bless us.  After Elvis, we had some more of the youth, a phenomenal
group called TAG, led by Cindy Rogers.  All of her band at this time are 16 and under and will amaze you at how
much skill God has blessed them with.  And a powerful influence of God they are as they brought in another
wave of the Spirit with their anointing.  Out of the mouth of babes comes perfect praise (says the Lord).  And
after TAG rocked the Angels Roadhouse,  Jennifer's mega voice from the group SoulKry cried out her soul until
the Spirit of the Lord flowed in and blessed us all.  They had the lost rocking out to their music so hard the
anointing from their music was like planting seeds in the hardcore rebellious ones without them knowing it while
all their lyric contents were praising God.  Praise God, amazing how God works.  The King of Kings, the mighty
Lord Jesus, in Spirit was there at Angels Roadhouse receiving all the blessings, honor, glory and praises to His
Yes, in a bar!  Touching the lost, reeling in new souls and old backsliders back to him.  Worthy is the
Lamb, forever and ever!!  Amen.
Jessica Wright on the left singing "Worthy to be Praised"                     TAG band members on the right.
Jennifer from SoulKry on the left glorifying God,                TAG on the right tagging people with the Spirit.
The Sock-Hop contest turned out to be cool. Elvis set the mood with the 50's 60's rock and Pastor Randy with
the Studio JC band played an awesome blend of 50's 60's rock-a-billy and the combination of rock-a-billy
Christian rock all night.  Even the kids found themselves, as you can see below dancing to music their
grandparents enjoyed.  What an awesome God we serve.  What a joy it is for Ken and I to unite the bodies of
Christ as one and bring the people, old and young, together as one for the glory of the Lord.  This was probably
the kids first time in a bar and heard about Jesus all night long from a variety of music styles in the era of rock 'n'
roll music.  To God be the glory!
May God forever bless these two, the Sock-Hop winners, for they probably out-danced King David.  I say
that because they danced all night.  What a well deserved blessing to us and themselves from God.
I'd like to give out a special thanks to Angels Roadhouse and staff for blessing us with an avenue to be a
blessing to the community in a way that most people who have not recognized Jesus
for who he is,  as he is.  
One of the biggest blessings he told people who had this problem was
a physician is not needed where people
are well.
 This opportunity, given to us, gave us an avenue to show people how wonderful of a staff Angels
Roadhouse has and that they are such good people, they cared about their own clientele and the community
enough to open their house to people of God and the lost.  May the Lord forever bless their delicious food and
business and may it prosper greatly in Jesus' Name.  Amen!

A special thanks to all the staff of
Loving Embrace Community Outreach, Becky Cowdery,  Rick Raymond, David
E. Presley, Jessica Wright, SoulKry, TAG and Studio JC and to the families of all the children that attended for
bringing your children to be blessed and to be a blessing, not being concerned about what people think.  You
all put Jesus first.  And may He forever bless you all in his holy Name.  Amen!

P.S.    This addendum is written months later.  So often people have recognized myself, Pastor DJ and Ken, and
informed us that they attended the Sock-Hop that night, thanked us and that it brought them back to Jesus.  
Hallelujah!     (Running the good race, reviving the lost and winning souls every way we can)

         As the bible says,
"seek ye first the kingdom of God and all shall be added".   Amen!