Team Perspective!
Since the beginning of the invention of the Internal Combustion Engine,
humans have found much joy in the frequency range of exhaust noises, to
the point of increasing the power potentials to increase their joy. To the
motor enthusiast, nothing gives them more joy than the sound and feel of
horsepower. Not only is it one of the most expensive events to go "hear" (or
see), we humans have not been able to understand why we love the joyous
noise.  In the Word of God, it is written that it is his will for us to have joy,
and all things that bring us true joy come from Him.  Tell me, when you see
a motor cross biker hang big air and then rip around a corner it doesn't give
you joy?  Tell me,  when you hear an 800 hp Nascar scream around a
corner at 170 mph even with your earplugs in, tell me you don't love it?  
We are all God's People
making a joyous noise under the
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God is so awesome, that he uses every aspect he can to bring people into his kingdom.  From street
ministries to world  wide missionaries and to the race tracks of all natures.

God really does love you, and we do too.

JESUS  -  CEO, President
Pastor DJ Wright  - Sr. Vice President
Pastor Ken Cowdery, AKA FIREMAN  - Associate Sr. Pastor and elder
Natalie Wright  - Admin. Director, Photographer
Darrick Wright  -  Crew Chief, Photographer
Tell me, when you see an 8,000 hp top fuel race car shred the track in 4 seconds and some change
and pull off 300+ mph, tell me it doesn't give you joy?! Joy is one of the Gifts of the Spirit of God.  
And the most beautiful thing is that each of us all can receive it in so many different ways.  And to
God's People Racing, bringing the Joy of God to the street,  the homeless, the needy and to the
people of the racing world, along with uniting the bodies of Christ is our mission.