More of Godz cool Toyz from all around the World.

Mad Hatter

Engine: Mean little big block
Induction: secret (smile)
HP: secret

Our friends mike and Tom Gertsen have been racing this baby for years. They're some of the original GPR members from years back, and just like us, quitting is not an issue.


Check out the stance of this mean second generation Camaro. This car could almost be called a sleeper, if it didn't have all the race contingency stickers on it, you'd never know it was capable of running low,low 11 second passes on the motor even on a bad day.


Dale Smith

Dale Smith and his cool little kids, what a blessing it is to see a father be a father, and support his kids into motor sports as well as himself! Who knows, most likely, one of these cool kids or all of them will grow up to be great racers as well as supportive parents.

Dale's gorgeous canary yellow 69 Z-28 powered by a mean 383 small block chevy.


Wanna talk about some tight mini bikes, check out little Bobbie's orange one, Bud's green one, and Quincy's mean red one.

Kenny Bullard


What a champion and just a kid. Junior dragracing is a tough sport. Not many kids are blessed to be able to race a junior dragster, let alone be successful at it. Evidently, Kenny has the blessings of God upon him and a great family to support him, because he is a champion already, guaranteed to become better.


Polished and chrome to the bone, mean junior drag racing machine. Drive on Kenny, you've got our blessing.

Jeff Simpson


Fast, fast, fast! These boyz don't play. With all the knowledge within this awesome crew it's no wonder these boyz are so fast. They put forth their best efforts towards the cause, which is why they reap what they sow. What a bunch of winners. We got much love for Jeff Simpson, Jim West and the boyz.


God loves these boyz!! Look at the blessing, blown injected horsepower, horsepower, horsepower!

The Roc of the Lamb


We have to say, this is one tight Iroc. Nitrous plumbed in and out. 10.5 W car running well into mid to low 9's with a stock body weighing over 3000 pounds. Now that is saying something. We just love the new snow white paint scheme of this Iroc and our blessed brothers of God who pilot it.


This car is so cool, it's like the car knows it itself. Look at the front clip, it's like it's smiling.

Spirit of St. Louis


This car is called the Spirit of St. Louis, but it's not just the Spirit of St. Louis that rides along with the car, the Spirit of God rides along with the driver Ray Newton. And thank God he does, because this over turboed Chevy is over powered and we love it just like that. Ray does such a great job of handling the torque and putting it to the ground, we must all take our hats off to him and smile.


Check out well over a thousand horsepower, silently ripping the pavement prior to a low 7 second to maybe a 6 second pass. Awesome.

The Gertsen sleeper

Mad Hatter Racing

This is their showcar sleeper. Beautiful, isn't it!


Just another one of God's People Racing toyz.



Sherm   Tony   DJ   Michael



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