Everyone can be a member. Here are some of God's cool Toyz
from all around the World.

Jim and his boat

Jim Brock's Caution II # 460

NJBA Mod­Jet class high points champion or runner up since '97!

Engine: 481 cid Chevy
Induction: odd/even port injection stacks
HP: approx. 900+
Other Info: he won't tell (smile)

Jim Brock and his mean Cyclone Speed and Marine raceboat was to be unstoppable at his time. It seems his driver either redlights or wins but never gets passed by the competition. This man has a long list of victories and blessings to brag and bench­race about. But he is a humble man and keeps it to himself. (Except for around the shop with the crew.)

Jim racing   
Jim's motor

It's ok to drool at the glide of this ride, because we do. Jim has been winning races for so long and so consistent, it must be irritating to the competition. Rumor has it, Jim will retire Caution II460 and play with a little soda pop (nitro fuel) in another boat.

Love Ride, Glendale

Rally's      Pastor Ken

It's a beautiful thing when the word love comes into play. Just the word itself unites some of the most hard core bikers, good and bad together to share a blessed day. It's amazing that on the day of a love ride, can't find any bad ones, love prevails.


This picture, taken by Pastor Ken, and presented by the Barstow California Christian Motorcycle Association needs no explanation. Pastor Dave and his wife Sherri would like you to know they love you too.

K.C. Jones' Cannon Ball Express

spewing fire

K.C. and his wonderful wife and team travel the world just to give people joy. They run the exhibition class only. It costs a lot of money to do this, and most of it is their own expense! But that's what God's People are all about. Just spreading the joy.

pulling up in the lanes     the cockpit

This Lear Jet engine Choo Choo Train scoots 270+ mph passes all day long. You should hear the thunder when he stages with the after burner. It's amazing. Boom...boom...boom...., instead of choo... choo... choo...!

Abel Ibarra

Ibarra's car      Ibarra's car

Abel Ibarra's old hot rod. He has a new car. We are waiting for pix.

The Herrera family rocket Camaro

Herrera's car

69 Z28 Camaro

Engine: 427 Chevy
Induction: BDS 8­71
Twin modified 830 Holly's
Other mods: Secret information (smile)
(We hear it's going back to injection instead of carbs.)

This is what you call sweet & nasty. This 69 Camaro has ran high 7's with a small block at speeds over 180 mph! The man behind the team, Phil Herrera (pops), is the most humble and knowledgable man in the game of supercharging. We all look at him as the big Daddy of doorslammers. Although his son Augustine, who is the most consistent and fearless driver is not driving it at the moment due to other engagements, pops has been the pilot here lately. We hear he is training another driver. With the support of BDS and the wonderful women in the family to keep them in line, they will continue to be true champions of drag racing.

The motor   Herrera's car

Harry Khodanian

Harry and car

Pontiac 68 GTO

Engine: pure Pontiac modified 455
Induction: custom dominator
Drive Train: TH 400 Pontiac 12 bolt, 433's
Horsepower: 600 +
Average ET: high to mid 9's, all motor

This is one die hard racer. Always striving to be High­Points Champion, and tries not to miss a race! We expect him to catch up and rule this year in the top 3 with no doubt. When it comes to Pontiac's, this is the man to talk to. Not only does he have great support from us and God, he's got a backing of incredible knowledge from the big boys from Pontiac Drag Days.

Harry's motor   Harry's car

We've seen this Goat hang 2 feet of tire off the starting line! Real Goat Power.

Joy Linehan

Joy and her car

64 Chevy Chevelle

Engine: small block 350
Induction: B&M 250 Supercharger
twin 750's
Drivetrain: Powerglide

All it takes is practice, practice, practice, and a blown small block. And you too can be a consistent winner like Joy. This girl is awesome and has a whole side window of class winners stickers to prove it! We thank God for the support she gets from her husband and her crew. When she hits the tree, you better be on it, cause she'll make a "Joy"ous noise right past you.

Front of car   Back of car

Notice what her tag says? Got 2 Win.

Mortimer's Mopar

Mortimer's Mopar      back view

This '63 440 powered Mopar Belvedere is a site to see on the starting line. Talk about hanging air and scraping bumpers. Broomhilda, the name of his car, zooms the broom down the track, dragging a rubber chicken from the bumper, pulling off consistent low 11's.

Ronnie and Debi Grohe

Debbie starting      Debbie creaming competition

Check out Debbie's Chevy Malibu creaming the Ford Coupe off the starting line. She's just so good on the lights that she consistently gets to the finals in competition. We've been begging her husband Ronnie to put a squeeze unit on it, but so far to no avail. And maybe that's good, because in bracket racing it's all about consistency, not speed. And as you see, Debbie WILL smoke you on the lights.

Mike Hayden

Mike and his sons Matthew and Abel

'69 Z28 Camarro

Specs: everything under this hood is a secret.
           It must go fast, parachute, wheelie bars,
           phat­fats in the rear, with attitude!

Michael, Matthew, and Abel Hayden. Aren't they all in the bible? When did they let you guys out? Oh, I see, they let you good folks come down here and put on a good show for the Lord. We're all for that, keep up the good work.

in front of a crowd      side view

Michael Hayden is the proud father of this awesome '69 Z28 and three great kids Ryan (driver), Matthew and Abel (crew). Hey, we hear you got a new car. Send us some pix.

Rudy Resch's Missile.          A blast from the Past!

Smokin'      Rudy's burnout

This car is no longer in commission, but when you think about taking it to the max, that thought describes the power Rudy Resch used to put down on the pavement for 1320 feet (1/4 mile). Small block Chevy, huge twin hairdryers (turbos), laptopped for victories. What immense amount of knowledge this man has been blessed with. The most wonderful part about it is his grace and love. He takes the time to share it with everyone to be a blessing to all, regardless of the level and kind of racer you are. Which is why we love him. This Corvette has shredded the track at speeds over 190 mph, busting out low 7's, and we were hoping to knock down triple 6's! What an incredible crew he had and an awesome wife Debbie, who gave him the needed prayer to pull off these incredible speeds and keep him safe at it. Rudy used to whip out the laptop, smell the air, and decide how fast he wanted to go that day. We can't wait for him to get a new car. What an incredible driver he is. Drive on Rudy and get a new car. You've got our prayers.

Matthew Schmidt and his family

Matt's family      Matt's car

Talking about clean Novas. Slammed on the ground, fats in the back, big cowl hood, wonder what's under that. We do know it's quick, very quick. And there is nothing like having the support of your wife and son on your side. We know God's on their side, and we are too.




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