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heartcross  Loving Embrace Community Outreach, June 2009

Seven ministries of multiple denominations coming together as one, uniting the bodies of Christ as one. In other words, it's all about Jesus !

There is no way, that God's People Racing, Jesus Loves Dragracers Too and Graceful Ministries could put on a Holy Ghost party without a few hot rods and Harleys around.

Johnny Rebs, 7th Street on Route 66 in Victorville, CA route66

World famous from back in the day up 'till today, Johnny Rebs was putting some south in the mouth of folks, blessing them with super delicious country style food from BBQ to cheese grits. All while Pastor Ken was blessing us with some mouth in the mike, flowing the annointing of God, blessing us all day long.

car show      car show    car show

It was a day of kool Harleys, hot cars and a few stars. Great raffle gifts and trophies all day long and a cackle fest contest for the most joyous noise to top it all off, which was won by our neighbor Dale (center pix above) with his high powered turbo red dune buggy .

The opening acts of God's music and entertainment for the day!


Blessed is the day when you can receive an original true to God American-Indian pow-wow annointing, drop kicking you with a rhythm and annointing that most could not immagine in their minds how powerful the presence of the Holy Spirit could imminate with that type of native american rhythm. God's presence was imminated infectiously to the point where I (Pastor DJ, in the background), had to get up and learn how to do the original two-step. Hey, ja jah jah jah jah jah Jahweh Jahweh - hey, jah jah jah Jahweh Jahweh. It was truly a body moving beat and rhythm that drew the Spirit of Jesus intensely. You had to be there to witness how the Spirit was moving the people in a unique way that was foreign to them. When the annointing descended upon us, not only did I find myself up there joining the dancers, I started thanking God for showing me the flow of his annointing through music and a beat in a way so foreign to me, because being a music producer, I thought I've heard it all. As I danced, I noticed every person there shocked at the flow, yet they could not stop showing evidence that the annointing was touching them too. At the time, by the Spirit, God allowed me to see every toe tapping, head bobbing, leg slapping and finger snapping and I watched it slowly take over people subconsciously to the point where if they weren't joining the circle of dance, they were one with the Spirit, obviously. While in the Spirit, I asked God "Father, your annointing is so infectious and this is the first time I have felt your touch with such intensity through this type of beat and American-Indian dance, what makes it so special to the point where you are overwhelming people including myself with this special vibe?" And he answered me and said "The American-Indian culture is known for their phenominal practice of chanting and seeking the spirit God so when they find Jesus, they become in tune with me (God) and their generations of practice I honor." The answer brought to me joy and I found myself holding back tears. And I said a loud amen.

Indian      Indian    

Pastor Larry Brown with the Rainshadow Native American Fellowship and the Living Way Chapel Praise Team of Apple Valley, CA opened up the morning with awesome praise and worship. The writing of their music is timeless and multi cultural. In their menu, they will have something for you to appreciate, no matter who you are. They will have you glorifying the king of kings right along with them seconds after they open their mouth and play their instruments. We were so blessed to have their presence to open up for us, the king of kings and the "king."

Ladies and Gentlemen, the King has just entered the building!

Elvis      Elvis      Elvis

God's good girls and his married women were loosing control when the king showed up and their husband's feet were stomping and their fingers were snapping so hard that they didn't care. Rev. David E. Presley (Las Vegas' most famous Elvis impersonator) took stage and lit the parking lot on fire with the joy of the Spirit singing old Elvis gospel songs and a few of the classics. There are Elvis impersonators and then there is David. None can compare. His show, voice and dancing demeanor were so genuine looking, we were wondering if the American-Indian pow-wow raised the spirit of the dead. We praise God and thank Him for David taking the time to stop and bless us with the show, while in route to do an evening show at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. Thank you and we love you David. Come bless us again any time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

Gospel Super Star Bryan Duncan!

Super Star Bryan Duncan blessed us with an opening act of his new album Still Dancin'. When Bryan showed up and started to sing his first song, the prior group was so excited that they just stopped playing and surrendered the equipment and all to him. The vocalizer effects unit was still on from the prior band, causing Bryan not to sound like Bryan, who is so famous for his stellar voice, rather more sound like he was yelling harmony with the chip munks. And he is such a wonderful man, he played right along with it and had fun. Suddenly we had a power outage... Pastor DJ had intentionally pulled the plug, unplugged the vocalizer box and hallelujah, power was restored and Bryan sounded like Bryan and the party begun. His stellar voice reigned. Now sounding like himself, we found out his new CD has some awesome hits on it like "Things You Bring" and "If You Wanna Be Lonely," my favorite two. The new album has old school flavor and new combined as one. Bryan was so cool, he let and trusted by the Spirit any musician to sit in with him, and they all did. The annointing was so perfect, everybody thought that the other musicians were his band. But he came only with his manager (in the upper right corner) and what a blessing he was also. We got into Bryan so heavily and the annointing was flowing so hard, he took all of our requests. We were having so much fun, we almost forgot about the other bands to follow. We hated to cut the blessing short and a blessing he was. Bryan we love you and you can come bless us again any time too.      P.S. Hey Bryan, when you come back, bring the Nehosoul band with you too. The CD is awesome.

Bryan Duncan      Bryan Duncan     Frank Bryan Guy

God has truly blessed this man with talent. He played serious keyboard and serious guitar while his singing sounded like the album. Didn't miss a beat. He was so awesome, that Dr. Frank Pulliam and Pastor DJ's uncle, Guy Baxtrum (above on the right) had to personally go thank him and they got blessed with a free copy of his new CD.

This day was so awesome, even the youths blessed us!

Karen's girls         Jessica singing

Pastor Karen Gamboa of Graceful Ministries blessed us with her super talented three granddaughters. They performed two awesome choreographed dance routines, one with a holy hip-hop dance routine that was so cool and the second with graceful movements of the angels. Look at them on the left, executing at such a young age. Excellent posture and poise. Wow, how angelic can they be. On the right, from Wright Wave Music Ministries we got to hear the most beautiful voice of a little angel of God, Jessica Wright. She just turned 5 and under pressure can sing all 5 minutes and 40 seconds of her super annointed song "Worthy to be Praised" without inhibitions, while controlling the audience. The acts before we naturally expected to be great, they are adults and seasoned veterans, but when the youths take the show and bless us with such perfected praise, it leaves you in awe. People look forward to seeing these two acts in the future, as well as at the next outreach. Come and be blessed.

Frank Guy DJ        Route 66 and Becky

On the upper left is Pastor and race-car driver DJ Wright, along with the man who taught him how to drive - his uncle Guy Baxtrum (center). My uncle sais he was blessed to be introduced and in the presence of Dr. Frank Pulliam. On the right picture, Becky Cowdery was holding down the fort at the Jesus Loves Dragracers Too memorabilia booth, which was shared by one of our truly blessed sponsors of God, Route 66 Museum. We truly believe, one of the reasons the historical concept of Route 66 California remains so well known today is because they share the route with God so He blesses them. Hallelujah.

facepainting          facepainting

Pack up your kids and come on down to the next outreach if you happen to be anywhere near the inland empire high desert in southern California. Bless your kids and yourselves with true authentic american facepainting. Our brother Joseph (Pastor Ken and Becky's son in law), has mad skills and much patience with his brush. Whether you want your face painted in simplicity as Jessica Wright's little butterfly, or the full on elegance of a tribal face mask, he has no limitations in his skill. Come and be blessed.

A special thanks to the following people for the dedication of their time and service to God to make all this possible:
Darrick Wright "Disco D" the excellent DJ, Pastor Cathy, Pastor Rick Raymond from R & D Ministries, Dr. Frank Pulliam from Triumphant expressions, Ms. Nina from Johnny Rebs, Pastor Mark from Back in the Day Ministries, Matt and Luke for the great music ministry, sister Michelle and brother Amadi. Father, truly bless them for their time and effort and servitude in glorifying your name, in Jesus' name, amen.

Super Chevy Show, Fontana, CA 2009

Iroc Camaro

We're so sorry, team, that we couldn't bring out the monster Iroc to Fontana's 2009 Super Chevy Show as hoped. These little boogers, Jessica and Angelo have taken up most of our time and have snatched every crumb stored away in the cookie jar. Their precious little ears aren't able to handle the thunder of God's monster Chevy motor in the Camaro. My (Pastor DJ) broken back has also been a factor, possibly needing surgery before I can race again. Meanwhile, we are going to de-tune the blower boost to pump gas and stick our fearless brother Ryan Young in the driver's seat to shake down the 'roc 'till he can make it dance. Currently, Natalie is not even thinking about driving, since these crumb snatchers have come along.

DJ's children Angelo and Jessica    Natalie Jessica Angelo

God's People Racing supporting other Pastors and Ministries

food drive

       Getting blessed to be a blessing.

Pastor Singen blessing us by loading Pastor Ken's truck up with food for the homeless in Long Beach, CA.

Uniting the Body of Christ - supporting the Street Ministry of Jesus Christ Disciples of His Righteousness.

What a blessing it is when ministries come together for a good cause.


The power of God is phenominal when people come together to unite as one at outreaches. Worship, praise music and prayer bring the annointing. Two ministries come together and pray for the sick in Jesus' Name, and men rise up out of their wheelchairs and walk! Pure evidence, that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, as the Bible says in Hebrews 13:8.

Uniting the Bodies of Christ while blessing the needy!

entrance      Ken and DJ

St. Joan of Arc Parish Hall is such a blessing to the homeless and needy. Pastor Ken and Pastor DJ do their very best to support the cause. On Mondays, we're praying for the people, instilling hope, bringing food and clothes whenever we can, allwhile winning souls to the Lord.

cooks      Jesus

Out of the heart of Jesus, may He forever bless these wonderful hands who organize and prepare the food at the Lord's Table. Anyone and everyone is welcome to be blessed and to go fill their bellies with great food, while Jesus picks up the tab.

Tony Foti

God's People Racing supports the fastest cop on the planet, even though he's retiring! We will miss this guy and his car.

DJ and Tony Foti    DJ and Tony Foti

Pastor DJ, our Sr. Vice President, along with a long time member Tony Foti (the fastest cop on the planet), ask you racers to keep the racing on the tracks not the street. Too many of God's precious children like you and others are getting hurt. At the track it's safe and there's and ambulance at the finish line. Also, God's People Racing and Racers-for-Christ are praying for ya. You're in good hands at the track. We love you all.

DJ and Tony Foti

Another day on the job at the starting line - praying for God's People. Relentlessly!

Ken, DJ and Becky

God's People Racing is on a mission of taking the devil's trash and cleaning up the air!

Force feed your motor with Ethanol.

  • Ethanol: 10 points higher octane than Methanol
  • No corrosion factor, a non corrosive alcohol fuel
  • No need for oil change after each race day
  • No need to flush injector with gas afterwards
  • 75% BTU contents of gasoline (25% more Oxygen than Methanol)
  • 35% more carbon for hotter combustion explosion (more power)
  • Requires more timing than gas, less than methanol to make more power than both
  • Easy to tune, 35% richer than gas aspirated, 50% richer blown injected
  • Mixes with gas at any ratio, can be used as octane booster

More power on less fuel, and cleaner air with no exhaust fumes or odors.

This miracle fuel has been known about since the 1940's, but has been suppressed up to recently. Numerous amounts of activists have been fighting the government and oil companies for years to get this fuel to America, especially California, to clean up our well known air pollution problem. Due to the amount of new vehicles that we have each year on the highways, the air quality has been managed at an acceptable rate. Many believe that it is better now than in the 70's. Much of this has been due to many acts and efforts of manufacturers and companies participating with cleaner air policies. However, recently the government has realized that in the future more cars will be driving the streets at a rate of 12% or more annually. Realizing this, the government has offered Auto manufacturers incentives to create vehicles to run off of this alternative fuel. Ford Motor Company has played the biggest part at this time in doing their share to clean up the air with their FFV's (Flexible Fuel Vehicles). All of their 2000 and newer 3.0 liter engine packages are equipped with computer controlled sensors that regulate the air fuel mixture and timing to calibrate the tuning according to how much ethanol is mixed in the tank with gas. According to Ford, 11 to 17% more horsepower is gained just by using 100% of the Alternative Fuel called E­85.

E­85 stands for 85% Ethanol, 15% unleaded gas. This fuel is used in many countries as the main fuel of the industry. In some countries, all the vehicles run on E­85 and the automobile manufacturers for those countries have calibrated the fuel to make 15 to 30% better fuel mileage. Here in America, only some fleets in commercial industrial vehicles have been calibrated for the possible high increase in gas mileage. Currently since 2000, automobile manufacturers have calibrated their engines to have equivalent mileage with up to 17% more horsepower. Due to the fact of the increased horsepower, we believe mileage will suffer some due to the increase of foot response (lead foot syndrome). Right now, there are over 250,000 vehicles in California that are capable of running on this Alternative Fuel, but there are no gas stations selling this fuel at this time in California. Government assisted grants have been offered to any independent gas station owners willing to distribute this Alternative Fuel E­85, with minimum requirements. Their concerns are mainly location and proximity of fleets and service vehicles. Tax brakes and incentives are so great, it's hard to believe that the government would offer them as such to Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) owners, dealers and large fleet vehicle companies. Who would ever think that the government would actually assist in paying you to help clean up the air.

In Loving Memory

God's people, bless and pray for these people's families and loved ones. Your support is needed continuously.

Thanksgiving weekend '07 our beloved Jeff Smothers self terminated his life. It was said that his pain and suffering from an illness that doctors could not discover after numerous exams became too much for him to bear. We sure wish he had not withheld his sickness from the corporate mass of the team. We believe that if the physicians on earth can't heal you, then it becomes a job for the Great Physician who can. The Great Physician Jesus seems to like to show his power when man fails. People, send your prayers out to his loved ones and family and remember when man fails, try God, in Jesus name. Amen.

Though he is with God, we miss him down here. In loving memory to Chad Halstead.

John Reynolds, one of God's good old boys, a champion nitro coupe racer went home ahead of his time (in our eyes) doing what he loved most, shredding the track at over 200 mph. It's been said his parachute didn't open correctly and got tangled. All you gentlemen who pack your driver's chutes, give that parachute your blessing, because accidents do happen. Hey, I wonder if they got nitro in heaven? If they do, you know John is all over it.

Wally Parks, pioneer and blesser of NHRA drag-racing. We all have to be greatfull and thankfull for all that he's brought to the sport of dragracing. All his achievements was truly done by the hand of God. May God bless all his family and loved ones in Jesus' Name.

A treasured moment in history: The pioneers of God's People Racing!
Pomona CA. Grand Finale Good Guys 2000!

group photo

A bunch of God's good old boys forever serving him, kicking it at Pomona's last Good Guys ever.

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